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Discover Czarina Stylish Kaftan Dresses for Every Occasion

Czarina offers a huge selection of beautifully designed kaftan dresses for any occasion, from sipping cocktails poolside to date night at your favourite restaurant. Get resort-ready with our range of stunning luxury beach dresses, designed to help each woman tell their own unique story through fashion using bold colours and prints.

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Flowy dresses for an effortless look

Kaftan dresses are a staple of the bohemian dress style, which arose in the 19th century as an expression of an alternative and liberated ideology. Continuing with this spirit, our dresses are designed to encompass the relaxed, whimsical, feminine, comfortable, and of course beautiful nature of the bohemian style. These flowy dresses are designed to let everyone’s unique personality shine through.

Resort dresses for sipping cocktails in style

Our gorgeous silk resort print dresses come in a range of lengths and styles including short dresses for those hotter days, long kaftan dresses to help protect your skin from the sun, and midi dresses for something in between!

Kaftan dresses are amazingly versatile with easy to throw on designs complemented by the same day-to-night appeal of any of your favourite dresses. Luxury beach dresses and Australian summers were made for each other, encompassing the effortless flowy dress style we love.

Shop Czarina’s gorgeous dresses for sale in Australia

Czarina’s resort dresses are made from light, silk fabrics ideal for keeping you cool all while protecting your skin from the harsh sun. Czarina are committed to creating dresses from only the most sustainable fibres available, whilst always staying true to the premium quality buttery-soft fabrics that offer artisanal elegance and comfort. All Czarina designs are made from either Bemberg silk, vegan silk, or 100% recycled nylon as an example of our commitment to sustainability and durability.

The unstructured design of our flowy dresses work perfectly over wet swimwear and can still easily take you from beach to bar. So what are you waiting for? Shop now at Czarina for unrivalled style and quality kaftan dresses online.

FAQs About Kaftan Dresses

Looking for ideas to match your kaftan dresses?

Explore our collection of Czarina dresses and discover the perfect ensemble for Australian weather. Whether you're attending a special occasion or simply embracing the Australian style we have you covered with our versatile range of dresses made from the finest silk blends.

Stay cosy and stylish by layering your Czarina kaftan with leggings or tights during colder weather while also bringing an elegant touch to your overall look.

To create a defined silhouette cinch the waist of your fitted casual or party kaftans with a belt. This simple trick can enhance your outfit's appeal which is perfect for Australia’s fashion trends.

Complete your bohemian or beachy aesthetic by pairing your Czarina dress with a brimmed hat. Not does it add flair, It also provides protection from Australia’s harsh sun.

When transitioning between Australia’s seasons, layering is key. Throw on a jacket or cardigan over your Czarina kaftan dress for both warmth and style during cooler months.

Wondering what shoes to wear with a Czarina kaftan dress?

For a laid-back vibe that's perfect for an Australian beach opt for sandals or flats. If you're attending an occasion elevate your look, with elegant heels to add sophistication.

Enjoy experimenting with combinations and embrace the versatility of styling options that come with wearing a kaftan dress!

Sandals or Flip-Flops: If you're going for a laid back look especially during Australia’s warmer months, and you're heading to the beach, sandals or flip flops are a great choice to pair with your Czarina kaftan dresses. They not only allow you to showcase your legs in style but also embrace the sun.

Flats: Opting for flats can give you a timeless look. This is an option, for a day out or a low-key event.

Heeled Sandals: For those occasions when you want to dress up your Czarina kaftan for semi formal events consider wearing heeled sandals. They add a touch of sophistication and go well with more fitted kaftan dresses.

Ankle Boots: To transition your dress into colder seasons try pairing it with ankle boots. This combination adds an eclectic touch to your outfit especially if you go for ankle boots.

Strappy Heels: If you're attending a formal event, strappy heels are the way to go. They beautifully complement the nature of dresses and contribute to the overall elegance of wearing a Czarina Kaftan.

What types of fabrics are commonly used in Czarina dresses?

Immerse yourself in luxury with our exquisite collection of kaftan dresses crafted from top-notch silk blends. Treat yourself to the feel and unmatched elegance that only high-quality silk can offer.

Our kaftans are designed with care to highlight the beauty of silk, a fabric known for its smoothness, softness and subtle shine. The silk blends we use in our creations perfectly combine comfort and elegance effortlessly draping around your body to enhance your silhouette.

Experience the breathability and lightweight feel of Czarina dresses that allow you to move gracefully and catch everyone's attention as you walk through a crowd. Our thoughtfully curated silk blends not only elevate your fashion but also ensure lasting durability making these kaftan dresses timeless investments, in both style and quality, perfect for Australia’s ever changing fashion trends.

Whether you opt for a Czarina kaftan for an occasion or a casual piece for everyday sophistication our collection reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and the sheer joy of adorning oneself in the unmatched luxury of silk-blended fabrics. Embrace the elegance that Czarina offers.

Are kaftan dresses suitable for all body types?

Kaftan dresses are widely known for their versatility making them suitable for a diverse range of body types. The loose and flowing silhouette of kaftans provides comfort and freedom of movement making them inclusive and forgiving when it comes to body shapes and sizes. The relaxed fit of Czarina kaftans can create a flattering figure offering a stylish aesthetic that suits every body type.

When choosing a Czarina kaftan it's important to take your style preferences and specific design elements into consideration. Some people may prefer more fitted styles, in which case selecting a kaftan with a defined waist or using a belt to cinch the waist can create a tailored look. On the other hand, for those who prefer a fit opting for a loose-fitting kaftan dress allows the garment itself to make its statement.

Ultimately the key is to try out styles and find a dress that matches your tastes and comfort levels. With the wide range of kaftan designs available, including midi and long options an elegant choice awaits you. Czarina offers many types of Kaftan dresses in Australia and is a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

WHat are the best Tips for caring Czarina's kaftan dresses?

Your new Czarina piece is a unique work of art, it is both delicate and durable.

To wash your garment, we recommend Spot Dry Clean Only on all occassion.

Czarina recommends spot dry cleaning for their garments. Spot dry cleaning is a specialized cleaning method where only the stained or soiled areas of the garment are cleaned, rather than immersing the entire piece in a cleaning solution. This method is often  for delicate fabrics or garments with intricate embellishments.

It's best to adhere to the recommendations to preserve the quality and integrity of the fabric and any embellishments.


  • Use a cover cloth when ironing on a Silk or simSilar setting.
  • Do not iron directly onto the Silk or beading to preserve its quality.
  • Avoid machine washing and tumble drying.


  • To freshen Czarina pieces between wears, hang them up in the bathroom while having a hot shower.
  • The steam will help remove creases from the garment and refresh the fabric.


Silk pieces should be hung on padded hangers or stored in garment bags to preserve the delicate fabrication.

Knits should be folded rather than hung to avoid stretching out of shape.


  • Crystals on the garments are applied individually by hand, and some may come off with wear.
  • Mindful handling of the delicate pieces is recommended to sustain their longevity.

These care instructions are essential to maintain the beauty and quality of Czarina's unique garments