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Plus Size Kaftans Australia

The traditional kaftan has a timeless appeal due to its simple design and flattering lines. Now Czarina has taken this universally stylish garment and brought it right up to date to offer a simply amazing collection of stunning plus size kaftans available online. No matter what age, size or shape you are, our beautiful kaftans are an excellent choice for summer and evening wear. If you’re looking for plus size dresses, you won’t find a better collection than here at Czarina.

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Our beautifully stylish plus size kaftans are elegant and comfortable too, creating the perfect piece of day to night wear. The main reason kaftans have become such a popular versatile choice suitable for both sophisticated evening wear and beachwear comes down to their comfortable yet stylish design.

Just like all the kaftans available from Czarina, our plus size dresses are made from high quality fabrics including vegan silk and bemberg silk which allows you to remain cool no matter the season.

Plus, their light and airy construction guarantees that you won’t feel restricted, meaning that you’ll always be relaxed, comfortable and confident in your kaftan. Whether you’re looking for a kaftan for an extra-special occasion or you love the idea of floating from beach to bar in one of our deluxe designs, every woman can feel confident with Czarina.

When you buy a kaftan from Czarina you’ll be getting a superior quality garment that’s been hand-embellished or hand-beaded for added luxury. Explore the range of styles, patterns, and colours that makes our women’s kaftans stand out from the crowd.

As the leading retailer of plus size kaftans Australia has available, Czarina have made it easier than ever to become the proud owner of one of our stunning dresses. All our plus sized women’s kaftans are also available with ZipPay, meaning that you can have your kaftan now and pay for it in flexible instalments. Shop now at Czarina for unrivalled style and quality plus size kaftans online.

FAQs About Plus Size Kaftans 2024

What makes plus-size Czarina kaftans suitable for beachwear, vacations, and resort wear?

Plus-size kaftans from Czarina go beyond acquiring a piece of clothing; it's akin to investing in a distinctive work of art and is well-suited for beachwear, vacations, and resort wear for several reasons, providing comfort, style, and versatility for those looking for inclusive and fashionable options. 

Plus-size kaftans handcrafted by Czarina typically feature a loose and flowy fit, providing comfort and ease of movement. This relaxed silhouette is ideal for casual beach environments and they can easily transition from a beach cover-up to an elegant resort dinner outfit.

Can I find plus-size kaftans with sleeves for added coverage?

Czarina offers plus-size kaftans with sleeves that provide added coverage, as inclusivity is one of our core values as we believe every woman should be able to achieve an elegant and opulent look, creating an aura of sophistication and grandiosity. Czarina designers and retailers recognise the demand for inclusive sizing in Australia so we offer a variety of plus-sized kaftan tops and dresses catering to different preferences and body types, including those seeking more coverage. 

We also offer custom or made-to-order options. This allows you to choose the style, fabric, and details, including sleeve length, ensuring that your Czarina kaftan is tailored to your preferences and measurements.

How can plus-size individuals style kaftans for summer and warm weather?

Styling your plus-sized Czarina kaftans for summer and warm weather can be both comfortable and fashionable. Here are some tips to help you create stylish summer looks with plus-size kaftans.

Embrace the vibrant nature of summer by choosing a Czarina plus-sized kaftan with bright colours and bold prints. Floral patterns, tropical motifs, and geometric designs are all in stock and can add a playful and summery touch to your look.

Embrace the loose and flowy nature of a Czarina plus-sized kaftan, as an eloquent addition to your summer wardrobe. A relaxed silhouette allows for comfortable movement and helps keep you cool in the heat.

How do I choose the right size and fit for plus-size kaftans?

Choosing the right size and fit for your Czarina plus-size kaftan is crucial for comfort and style. 

Take accurate measurements of your bust, waist, hips, and, if relevant, the length from your shoulder to the desired hemline. Use these measurements as a guide when selecting a size. Czarina also offers custom bohemian plus-size kaftans with an ETA of 6 weeks. Just let us know your measurements and you will have your stylish plus-size kaftan in no time

What are some colour options available in Czarina plus-sized kaftans?

Czarina has spent thousands of hours perfecting plus-sized kaftans with diverse fabrics, colours, and patterns, allowing you to express your unique style while embracing a comfortable and fashionable look, and is a timeless staple in ever-changing Australian fashion trends.

There are a large variety of colours available for your choosing from everything including the modern floral prints of the “Golden Girl” collection to an oriental cultural feel with the “A Night in Shanghai Collection”. All are available to be custom-made to suit your plus-sized kaftan needs. 

Can a Czarina plus-sized kaftan be worn as maternity clothing for expectant mothers?

Czarina plus-sized kaftans can be a comfortable and stylish option as maternity clothing for expectant Australian mothers. Our Kaftans are loose-fitting garments that provide ample room for a growing belly, making them suitable for various stages of pregnancy. They offer breathability and flexibility, allowing pregnant women to feel at ease while accommodating their changing body shape.

Czarina plus-sized kaftans often come in a variety of colours and patterns, allowing future mothers to gorgeous Australian babies to express their personal style while staying comfortable during pregnancy.

How do I incorporate plus-size kaftans into my wedding or special event attire?

Incorporating a Czarina plus-sized kaftan into your wedding or special event attire can be a unique and elegant choice and is perfect for an event located in a luxurious resort. Here are some ideas to help you seamlessly integrate kaftans into your look for such occasions.

Enhance your plus-sized Czarina kaftan ensemble with carefully chosen accessories. Consider statement earrings, a stylish clutch, or eloquent sandals to complete your look.

If you are unsure that your Czarina kaftan will not be perfectly tailored to your liking, consider having it custom-made to ensure a perfect fit. This can be especially important for special events where you want to look and feel your best. Czarina offers custom orders for sizes above XXL to ensure every woman is included and made to feel their most beautiful self. 

Are there different types of fabrics used in plus-size Czarina kaftans, and how do they affect comfort and style?

Czarina is comfort, style, and a modern take on heritage all rolled into beautifully designed, sustainably created, and ethically produced pieces for women of any age and shape. 

At Czarina our focus is on the heart of the company. We love what we do, are proud of what we design and create, and put our heart and soul into our brand so that our wearers feel confident, sexy, feminine, and comfortable when wearing plus-sized kaftans and other pieces. 

Our initial mission is to produce as sustainably as possible using the finest silk blends, in factories where we could control the quality of work life for those that chose to share in our mission.