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Women's Kaftan Tops

Czarina offers a gorgeous selection of kaftan tops designed for artisanal elegance, comfort, and unique beauty. With our range of different styles, prints, colours, and shapes in iconic Czarina designs, there’s a top suited to every occasion.

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Our kaftan tops have been crafted with incredible attention to sustainability, with our production processes moving towards using almost entirely all vegan silk to ensure we do our part in protecting silkworms everywhere in the creation of our pieces. When designing our kaftan tops our focus is on the earth and the beautiful tools it provides us to create ethical pieces of fashion that don’t leave a negative impact on our world.

We have a wide selection of kaftan top styles including blouses, singlets, tunics and more in both long and short sleeves. Our different styles can accommodate a range of different occasions, completing your perfect “jeans and a nice top” outfit, or being half of one of our bold and stylish matching sets. Let your outfit make a statement with one of our beautifully designed feminine shirt styles.

Tuck one of our kaftan blouses into a pair of plain pants for a work appropriate outfit or wear it loose with denim shorts for a weekend look. With our range of kaftan tops comfort really can follow you into every day of the week.

There is also a carefully curated range of kaftan prints to choose from, whether you prefer lighter colours with feminine prints or something bolder to create a statement, you’ll find it in Czarina’s collection. All of our kaftan prints are Australian designed with a meticulous passion for colour, detail, and fine finishing’s you’re sure to love.

Shop now at Czarina for unrivalled style and quality kaftan tops online. You can even buy now and pay later on the Czarina website with Afterpay, so you can own it this weekend!

FAQs About Kaftan Tops 2024

What is a Czarina Kaftan Top?

A Czarina kaftan top is a loose-fitting, flowy garment that is typically worn as a casual and comfortable piece of clothing, perfect for beachwear on Australian beaches. It originated in the Middle East and has become popular in various cultures and fashions worldwide. The Czarina kaftan top/tunic is characterised by its loose and wide sleeves, often reaching the wrists, and a long length extending to the ankles or floor. Czarina bohemian kaftan tops are made from the finest silk blends to ensure comfortability and style during Australia’s seasons.

How to style a kaftan top?

In 2024, Czarina kaftan tops have found their way back into the fashion scene in recent years (although we cannot say they were ever out of fashion) and we are seeing them used in different occasions as a reflection of the Australian way of life—relaxed, fashion-forward, and environmentally conscious.

  1. On The Beach

The Czarina Kaftan Top is a statement piece on all Australian beaches and can be used  as a coverup on the beach due to the flowy nature of the garment. It offers a stylish way to go from the beach to a beachside café without the need to change outfits.

Pair your stylish kaftan top with a pair of sandals and your designer shades to ensure that you are beach-ready. Czarina has designed its kaftans to add a touch of elegance while staying cool, showing just as much skin as you feel comfortable with.

  1. For Formal or Casual Occasions

The eloquent designs of Czarina Kaftans make them suitable for evening events on a cruise or at a birthday party with a smart casual dress code. The Czarina top can be elevated when paired with the right jewellery for a more refined look.

What do you wear under a kaftan top?

Czarina Pants/Leggings

The loose fit of the Czarina kaftan top goes particularly well with a pair of Czarina Palazzo pants or leggings due to its combination of comfort, style, and adaptability. It doesn’t matter if the trousers are black white or a complementary colour – they’re going to look just fine under your flowing kaftan. Complete the look with an eloquent pair of sandals or deck shoes to embrace the Czarina style and feel we have worked on for years. 

Czarina Shorts

While the weather is warmer opt to wear your kaftan tunic open while showing as much skin as you’re comfortable with, with a T-shirt or vest underneath. You’ll keep the sun off your shoulders but still feel the cool breeze. Your new Czarina piece is a unique work of art, it is both delicate and durable as well as adaptable to different weather conditions and occasions

On Its Own

Finally, our favourite way of wearing your Czarina kaftan – on its own. The designers at Czarina have meticulously crafted a kaftan so you can enjoy it essentially as a dress on its own. Of course, dresses come in all styles, so your unique piece of art is perfect as a loose-fitting summer dress, shift, or tent dress.

How do kaftan tops differ from traditional tops?

The Women’s kaftan top/blouse from Czarina differs from traditional tops in several key aspects, including their design, fit, and cultural associations. Here are some of the main differences:

Loose Fit: Czarina’s bohemian kaftan tops are known for their loose and flowy fit. They typically have wide sleeves and a relaxed silhouette that allows for easy movement, perfect as a statement piece in Australia. Traditional tops, on the other hand, come in a variety of fits, including fitted, semi-fitted, and loose, depending on the style and purpose of the top.

Length: Czarina’s stylish kaftan tops are often longer in length, extending to the ankles or even the floor. This long length is a distinctive feature and contributes to the overall flowy and relaxed look which has been widely adopted in Australia. Traditional tops vary in length and can be short, mid-length, or long, depending on the design.

What makes Czarina’s kaftan tops suitable for beachwear and resort vacations in Australia?

Czarina’s kaftan tops are loose-fitting, free-flowing, vibrant and yet, always flattering, making you the centre of attention anywhere you go in Australia. Czarina’s flowy kaftan tops are crafted to perfection and would look as flattering on you as it would on anybody else. You can wear a Czarina kaftan top without being self-conscious about having a beach body. In hindsight, you could wear a colourful kaftan top, add some statement accessories and flaunt your style during the Australian summer. 

How can I wear Czarina’s casual kaftan tops for everyday occasions?

Wearing Czarina’s casual kaftan tops for everyday occasions can not only be comfortable but the attention to detail in the design process and the incorporation of handcrafted elements contribute to the individuality and exclusivity of each piece. 

Prints and Colors

Have fun with Czarina’s wide range of prints and colours. Casual kaftan tops often come in vibrant patterns and hues, allowing you to express your unique style.

Consider your body shape and preferences when choosing prints. Smaller prints can be more flattering, while bold prints make a statement.

What are some accessories and footwear that complement Czarina kaftan tops?

Selecting the right jewellery for your casual Czarina kaftan should be as simple and graceful as the kaftan itself. The trick is to keep it low-key as you adopt traditional elements with contemporary styles which results in innovative and attractive clothing choices. Think less is more.

Opt for simple, chic pieces that add a dash of sophistication without overshadowing the relaxed vibe of the Czarina kaftan top. Stackable bracelets, delicate necklaces, and minimalist rings will distinguish you from the crowd.

If your kaftan has a lower neckline, consider an understated pendant necklace. Conversely, if it's high-necked, maybe a pair of drop earrings will do the trick.