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Discover Czarina Stylish & Luxury Resort Wear Collections

Is there anything more exciting than a resort holiday? Relaxed afternoons spent by the pool, luxurious cocktails as the sun sets, and dinner spent under the stars. Of course, not forgetting the fashion opportunity a good holiday can provide. Embrace indulgence with a new range of resort wear pieces to wear on your next holiday and be the envy of everyone back home.

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Czarina has one of the most beautifully designed collections of resort wear Australia has to offer. The carefully selected range of resort wear includes gorgeous flowing dresses, beach wraps, jumpers, and more in a number of gorgeous prints. Our kaftan prints are designed with inspiration from the natural world with a meticulous attention to detail. Each eccentric print carries with it its own story of holiday luxe, beauty, and unique confidence. Choose from feminine and floral pink tones or eye-catching rainforest designs, Czarina stocks a kaftan print to complement your style.

No matter what style, length, or print you choose, our resort wear pieces are sure to make your holiday experience sparkle and shine. Our pieces have handsewn detailing designed specifically to flatter and highlight. Throw one of these pieces over your swimwear to take you from the beach back to your resort in style.

The boho style that kaftans embody go hand in hand with resort lifestyle, epitomising relaxation, joy, and prints that call on the beautiful world around us. Our versatile day-to-night pieces are the perfect suitcase staple, so you can save room for plenty of shopping to bring home.

Our resort wear dresses are the perfect solution for those warm holiday days, so sign up for our newsletter and receive 10% off your first order. Shop now at Czarina for unrivalled style and quality resort wear online.

FAQs About Resort Wear Australia 2024

What is Resort Wear: Understanding Resort Style & Dress Code?

Resort wear, also known as vacation luxury or holiday attire is clothing designed for leisure activities in destinations like beach resorts, tropical islands or cruise ships. Czarina Kaftans feature breathable fabrics and loose-fitting silhouettes to ensure comfort during hot seasons like the Australian summer.

Resort wear often includes hues like those found in the Dreamy Cupid line, exotic patterns such as the Emerald Leopardess print and casual designs that capture the relaxed vibe of vacation spots. The garments are crafted to blend style with practicality for activities such as relaxing poolside, exploring sights or dining al fresco.

What is considered resort wear for a wedding?

Attire suitable for an Australian wedding at Czarina typically includes resort wear outfits for the ceremony and related gatherings like dinners, parties or brunches held in a beach setting. The style blends elements with Czarina's casual and airy vibe. 

It's important to follow the dress code specified in the wedding invite as Czarina Resort Wear can vary based on the event's level of formality. Opt for fabrics offered by Czarina, comfy footwear ideal for warm weather and outdoor activities common at resort weddings.

What are the key features of resort wear for women?

Czarinas Designer Resort Wear for women usually captures a laid-back yet stylish vibe perfect for getaways in Australian hotspots like beach resorts, tropical islands or cruise ships.

The Czarina collection features colours like those in the A Night in Shanghai line and striking tropical prints such as florals, palm leaves, geometric designs and nautical themes bringing a fun and energetic touch to the outfits. Czarina provides a selection of these patterns for you to pick from.

What types of clothing are considered resort wear?

Czarina resort wear includes a range of clothing items meant for leisure activities in destinations like beach resorts, tropical islands or cruise ships. Here are some types of clothing commonly seen as resort wear:

Dresses: Czarina offers maxi dresses, sundresses, wrap dresses, shirt dresses and shift dresses that are popular choices for linen resort wear. They are usually crafted from fabrics such as cotton, linen or chiffon and come in various colours and prints.

Tops: The Czarina collection also features blouses, tunics, camisoles and off-the-shoulder tops made from fabrics with vibrant prints that are essential pieces in resort wear. These tops are often paired with shorts, skirts or pants to create a relaxed stylish look that aligns with current Australian fashion trends.

When should I wear resort wear?

Czarina Resort wear is commonly worn during the summer months in Australia in places like beachfront bars, restaurants or cruise ships where the weather is perfect for outdoor fun. Here are some situations and places where resort wear fits in:

Luxury Resorts: Resorts found in areas like Queensland that offer amenities like luxurious pools and spas usually have an implied dress code making resort wear ideal for unwinding during the day and enjoying nighttime activities.

Outdoor Gatherings: Resort wear can also be a choice for outdoor events such as street festivals, rooftop parties or al fresco gatherings that call for a blend of relaxed and trendy attire.

What accessories pair well with resort wear?

Accessories are essential for enhancing and complementing your Czarina resort wear outfits bringing style and finishing touches to your ensemble. Below are some accessories that go well with resort wear;

Sun Hats: Whether it's a brimmed, straw or floppy hat these not only shield you from the fierce Australian sun but also lend a touch of elegance to your resort wear looks.

Belts: Opting for a braided belt can help define the waist of flowing Czarina dresses or tunics, providing structure and shape to your figure while also serving as a trendy accessory.

What are some popular prints and patterns for Czarina's resort wear?

The Pink Castle line offers a selection of high-end resort wear that is sure to catch eyes as you move through a crowd. Made from top-quality viscose silk it showcases a floral pattern in shades of pink with the added touch of sparkling crystals for an elegant and timeless appeal.

For those looking for plus-size resort wear the Black Leopardess collection presents the Oversized Bomber Jacket as a luxurious addition to your wardrobe. The rich black hue is adorned with hand-applied crystals giving it an exclusive and sophisticated appearance.

Are there any fashion trends specific to resort wear in Australia 2024?

Australia's fashion industry frequently mirrors its coastal way of life and passion for outdoor pursuits with Czarina leading the way in setting Australian fashion trends. In the realm of Australian resort wear, for 2024 some key trends include;

Vibrant Colours and Striking Patterns: The Australian fashion scene is known for embracing hues and eye-catching patterns inspired by the natural beauty and diverse terrains of the country. Expect to see motifs, floral designs and indigenous patterns making a splash in Czarina resort wear collections. Czarina offers a variety of these indigenous prints for you to explore and incorporate into your wardrobe choices.

How can I transition my Czarina resort wear outfits from day to night?

Transitioning your Czarina resort wear outfits from day to night involves making styling choices to suit different settings and occasions. Here are some tips to help you smoothly switch up your resort wear looks:

Hair and Makeup: Update your hairstyle and makeup for the evening transition. During the day go for waves or a casual bun or ponytail. Keep your makeup natural with a tinted moisturiser, sunscreen and mascara. For night time enhance your look with a lip colour, smokey eye makeup and a chic updo or voluminous curls.

Shoes: Swap out your shoes for more elegant options at night. Exchange your sandals for strappy heels, wedges or embellished flats. Choose shoes with exquisite finishes or decorative details, like beading or jewels to add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.