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FAQs About Beach Kaftans 2024

What are beach kaftans, and how are they different from regular Czarina kaftans?

Czarina Beach kaftans, also known as resort kaftans or cover-up kaftans, are a specific type of kaftan designed to be worn over swimwear at the beach or pool. While they share some similarities with regular kaftans, the main differences are in the patterns and the accessories that are paired which is crucial when embracing the Australian sun.

Beach kaftans are often more relaxed, loose-fitting, and flowy to allow for easy movement and airflow. They may feature open sleeves, deep necklines, and slits for a breezy feel.

Czarina beach kaftans are specifically designed for casual wear over swimwear in beach or resort settings, with an emphasis on comfort and breathability. Regular kaftans, on the other hand, are more versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions beyond beach settings, with a broader range of fabrics, styles, and lengths.

Beach kaftans are often paired with a brimmed hat to protect yourself from the harsh sun while adding a beachy aesthetic to your ensemble.

How do your Czarina beach kaftans serve as practical and stylish cover-ups for swimwear?

Your Czarina beach kaftan serves as a practical and stylish cover-ups for swimwear in several ways, combining comfort, functionality, and fashion. Here are some reasons why beach kaftans are popular as swimwear cover-ups seen across many Australian beaches.

Czarina Beach kaftans are quick and easy to slip on and off, providing a convenient cover-up option when transitioning from daytime beach activities to nighttime occasions. This simplicity is convenient when you need to make a quick outfit change without hassle.

Are there specific features that make Czarina Beach Kaftans suitable for seaside vacations?

Czarina beach kaftans are designed with sun protection in mind, providing an extra layer of coverage against the harsh Australian sun. While not a substitute for sunscreen, they can offer an additional layer of protection during extended periods of sun exposure.

Czarina women’s beachwear kaftans have been meticulously designed to be loose and flowy design to allow for easy movement and provide a relaxed fit. Furthermore, the loose and flowing design of Czarina Beach Kaftans makes them suitable for the warm Australian climate, providing a comfortable and airy option for both casual and more formal occasions.

What are the popular fabrics and prints available in Czarina beach kaftans?

Czarina Beach Kaftans are a unique and artistic addition to the world of fashion. The process of hand-sketching, painting, and digitising designs before transferring them to fabric are a meticulous and creative approach to crafting each piece. 

The most popular beach kaftan prints right now include Santorini Sunrise, adding a touch of Greece to Australian beachwear. Pink Castle, a pink floral print that exudes summery vibes with dreamy pink hues

Our beach kaftans are made from the finest silk blends, cut from luxe Viscose Silk and hand-embellished with glistening crystals.

Can I find Czarina Beach Kaftans with sleeves for added sun protection?

Yes, Czarina has multiple options of beach kaftans with sleeves that offer added sun protection. Opt to wear a long cape that has full arm coverage or a dress with sleeves to ensure you are shielded from the Australian sun. 

Whether you prefer long sleeves for maximum coverage or shorter sleeves for a breezier feel, Czarina beach kaftans combine sun protection with style, allowing you to enjoy your seaside activities with confidence.

How should I style my Czarina Beach Kaftan for hot summer days and beach outings?

Styling your Czarina Beach Kaftans for hot summer days and beach outings allows you to create a comfortable, breezy, and fashionable look. Here are some tips on how to style beach kaftans for a chic and practical beach ensemble:

Protect yourself from the sun and walk the beach with grace by adding a wide-brimmed hat. This not only provides shade but also adds a chic and glamorous element to your outfit.

Can beach kaftans be worn as casual attire for family outings and picnics?

Czarina designers have carefully crafted beach kaftans to be versatile pieces that transition well from beachwear to casual attire for family outings and picnics. Consider opting for beach kaftans with shorter lengths, such as knee-length or mid-thigh, for a more casual and relaxed appearance.

If you're going for a coordinated family look, consider choosing a Czarina beach kaftan with similar colors or patterns for family members. This creates a cohesive and stylish appearance.

What accessories pair well with Czarina beach kaftans to complete the beach-ready look?

Accessorise your Czarina beach kaftan to elevate your beach-ready look as your unique piece adds a touch of style to complete your ensemble. 

Choose a pair of stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun while enhancing your overall beach aesthetic. Whether you prefer oversized frames, aviators, or cat-eye sunglasses, find a style that suits your taste.

A spacious and trendy beach bag is a practical accessory for carrying your essentials. Look for a bag in a complementary colour or pattern to your kaftan, and consider one that is large enough to hold your beach towel, sunscreen, and other necessities. Beach bags are a timeless classic in Australia that pairs well with your Czarina Beach Kaftan.

What are some colour options available in beach kaftans, and how do they complement different skin tones? 

Czarina’s Beach kaftans come in a wide range of colours and patterns allowing you to choose hues that complement your skin tone and personal style. While it's important to remember that personal preference plays a significant role in colour choice, here are some general suggestions on how different colours can complement various skin tones:

Kaftans with a touch of white are classic and timeless. They complement all skin tones and give off a fresh and clean look. White is especially suitable for warm days as it reflects sunlight and helps keep you cool. This is why we at Czarina have created the Santorini Sunrise collection as the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

How should I care for and clean my beach kaftans to maintain their quality?

Czarina recommends spot dry cleaning for their beach kaftans. Spot dry cleaning is a specialised cleaning method where only the stained or soiled areas of the garment are cleaned, rather than immersing the entire piece in a cleaning solution. This method is often used for delicate fabrics or garments with intricate embellishments.


Use a cover cloth when ironing on a Silk or similar setting.

Do not iron directly onto the Silk or beading to preserve its quality. Avoid machine washing and tumble drying.


To freshen Czarina beach kaftans between wears, hang them up in the bathroom while having a hot shower. The steam will help remove creases from the garment and refresh the fabric.


Czarina beach kaftans should be hung on padded hangers or stored in garment bags to preserve the delicate fabrication. Knits should be folded rather than hung to avoid stretching out of shape.


Crystals on the garments are applied individually by hand, and some may come off with wear.

Mindful handling of the delicate pieces is recommended to sustain their longevity.